We can help you find the money to go solar.

Financial services

Cost should not be a deterrent if you or your organization is considering solar. Simplicity Solar will help you work with banks and lenders who support solar power. We also offer grant writing services for large scale commercial and agricultural applications and financing solutions, not found anywhere else on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Tax Credits and Rebates

The time to act is now! XCEL is scaling the rebate process down and it will eventually disappear.

On new photovoltaic systems, there is a 30% federal tax credit if taken by 2016.

Additionally, we spare you the headache of dealing with both the energy company and the feds, by taking care of all of the rebate and tax credit information for you! No hassle, free of charge!

Solar incentives for businesses

If you are a commercial client, the ROI is impressive. Not only will you receive the XCEL Renewable Energy Credit incentive for systems of 500 W or more, You can qualify for a 30% federal tax credit AND a five-year accelerated depreciation schedule applied to the entire cost of the system. Additionally, a solar power system is a capital investment adding value to your building and property. Taken all together, an investment in a grid-tied net-metered solar power system offers a full return of your costs well within a two to five year time frame.

Additional information about solar financial services: