You can rely on the experience and expertise of Simplicity Solar.


If you want total independence, an off-grid system may be in your future. Simplicity Solar can have your panels put on a pole, on a roof, or on a ground mount rack. We can have a powerhouse system or something more modest built to your needs. We can help you with a storage shed for the batteries and system components or can have them put inside the house. It's all up to you.

With your own solar power production system that is connected to the grid, you will not only reduce your energy bills, but you call sell unused power back to the utility company, all without doing a thing. We'll help you locate the ideal southern exposure for the panels. You'll be saving money and helping the planet. Call us for a free site visit.


Solar power research has yielded new technology that can transform abundant solar energy into power for your business. From controlled storage facilities, to warehouses, to work spaces of all shape, design, and function, solar power will reduce your operational costs, provide a fixed cost basis for future energy demand, and reduce the environmental impact from fossil fuel generated energy.

If ever there was an opportunity to take part in a major shift in the US energy economy, it is now. Major tax and utility incentives make this the best investment your business will make.